Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine (JRTM) is an open access, bimonthly peer reviewed journal on scientific researches conducted in various traditional systems of medicine practiced worldwide. The Journal aims at providing a common platform for Scholars and Young aspirant scientists in the field of Traditional Medicine, to disseminate and utilize the knowledge of recorded and researched concepts pertaining to the fundamentals of human well being. 

Currently the journal accepts scientific inscriptions on researched concepts which come under the purview mentioned below from the field of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, & Herbal Medicine

  • Clinical Research (Including Interdisciplinary works)

  • Survey Study

  • Review Article

  • Monograph

  • Advances in education and teaching methods of traditional medicine

  • Pharmacology Research

  • Pharmaceutical Standardization

  • Pharmacognostical Research

  • Case report / Case Series

  • Short Communication

  • Proceeding report

  • Book review

  • Letter to editor

The journal also encourages Meta-analysis, systematic reviews and epidemiological survey studies conducted on various disease condition wherein traditional medicine may be helpful.

JRTM aims at producing evidence based articles and research works which are original, new, unique and most discussed topics of the medical fraternity in current period. Quick decision on the status of article is the USP of the journal. The journal has a dedicated team of highly qualified editorial members who work in chorus for timely publication of issues and for improving and updating the quality of journal throughout the year.

For the acceptance to the present rational era the journal is committed to publish quality works which strengthens the knowledge base of traditional medicine. We do not publish papers which does not provide any scientific or logical outputs.

Processing of the manuscript: 

The manuscript submitted for publication in JRTM undergoes editorial board review and double blind peer review from the experts in the concerned field. Initially the editorial board scrutinizes the suitability of the manuscript for publication. The board also looks into the technical aspects of the manuscript and after satisfactory review the manuscript is subjected to peer review. The Journal adopts "Double-Blind Peer Review" process. The opinion of the peer reviewer will be conveyed duly to the authors and vice-versa. The article may be rejected or asked for revision at any point of above review till the manuscript is modified until suitable for publication.


The journal does not charge any article submission or publication fee, however a minimum amount (1200/- Rfor Indian Authors & 75 $ for International Authors) towards reviewing and processing of the article. Letter to editor is non-chargeable. Monographs are charged based on the number of pages. Quality articles and increased frequency of publishing with us may get exemptions from the above charges which is at sole discretion of the editorial board.

Authors from SAARC nations and economically backward nations will be given a discount of 25 $.  

Article Retraction & Correction Policy:

The authors are free to retract the manuscript at the stage of review process before publication by communicating with editor through a suitable means. However once the article is published it requires a detailed justification for retracting the article and signature of all the co-authors in the application to do so.

Plagiarised or article with conflict of interest will be rejected in the review process itself. However after the publication, the editorial board reserves the right to automatically withdraw the article if any misconduct is found by the authors which violates the journal norms and the publication is seriously flawed and misleading (or is redundant or plagiarised).

Corrections in articles post-publication is accepted by both ends of editorial board and authors. Editorial board is in the right of corrections subjected to the opinions and comments received from the reader's end or in view of technical corrections. Authors can request for corrections with due justifications (These corrections are however chargeable). Change in authorship or affiliation is not accepted post publication, hence conflict of interest should be carefully declared by the authors.  

Feedback, Comments & Complaints addressing:

The editorial board of JRTM strives at bringing out quality research articles and is ready to accept the view of the readers which helps in improving the quality of the Journal.  The readers are free to put forth their feedback, comments or complaints directly by mailing to A prompt reply for the same will be provided by one of our editors within 7 days. 

*The Journal has put in efforts to preserve the published articles online in an alternative achievable format, even if the journal website seize to function.  


Dear All, Vol 3 Issue 1 (Jan - Feb 2017) has been successfully published on 24/06/2017

Dear Authors, Kindly Submit your article online for publication in forth coming issues...

Dear All, The Editorial Board of JRTM is happy to share with all the stakeholders of the journal that, we have recieved an impact factor of 2.6 for the Year 2016 from InfoBase Index.

Dear All, Vol 2 Issue 6 (Nov-Dec 2016) has been successfully published on 26/03/2017

Dear All, Vol 2 Issue 5 (Sept- Oct 2016) has been successfully published on 26/01/2017

Dear Authors, Kindly use only Online Manuscript Submission System while submitting articles.. Do not Submit article through mails.. for details contact or

Dear Authors, The Journal has incorporated DOI number allotment to all the articles published from the forthcoming issues to make them more accounatble (DOI: 10.21276/jrtm)

Dear All, As the journal issn has been included in the Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources, The Abbreviated key title of the journal has been changed to J. res. tradit. med. with effect from 1/6/2016

Dear All, Vol 2 Issue 4 (Jul-Aug 2016) has been success fully published on 13/11/2016

Dear All, Volume 2, Issue 3 (May-June 2016) has been published on 13/07/2016

Dear All. Volume 2 Issue 2 (Mar- Apr 2016) has been published on 30th April.

Dear All.. Volume 2 Issue 1 January - February 2016 has been published on 27-02-2016

Dear All... The Editorial Board of JRTM is happy to inform you the successful assignment of ISSN number to the Journal.

Dear Authors..The Inaugural issue of JRTM Volume 1 Issue 1 has been published on 20/11/2015

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