Pages: 26-33

Preliminary Analysis of Samanaya Lakshana (General Clinical Features) of Hridroga (Cardiac Diseases) in Modern parlance

Author: Satish Chapadgaonkar

Category: Clinical Research

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Background: References regarding Hridroga and its management dates back to Vedic period. Detailed description about the etiological factors, clinical features and treatment of Hridroga are available in the texts of Ayurveda. In spite of precise explanation of heart diseases in Ayurveda, understanding in scientific stipulations stand as the lacuna. Aim: To clinically analyze the similarities between Samanya Lakshana (General clinical features) of Hridroga described in Ayurvedic classics among the various types of Cardiovascular diseases. Materials & Methods: 50 patients of Hridroga were selected randomly for a preliminary non-interventional observational study, irrespective of age, sex, religion, occupation and habits. Patients were examined in detail according to the parameters of both Ayurveda and that of Cardio-vascular system. Results: The co-efficient of association 'Q' showed nearly perfect +ve association with 'Vaivarnya-Panduta and Pallor' (Q = 0.992); 'Vaivarnya-Shavata and Cyanosis' (Q = 0.994); 'Kasa and cough with or without Hemoptysis' (Q = 0.976); 'Shwas and breathlessness or dyspnea' (Q = 0.964), 'Murccha and Syncope' (Q = + l) also in 'Ruja and Chest pain or discomfort' (Q = +1). 51.51% of patients diagnosed as Vataja Hridroga showed signs of Ischemic heart disease (I.H.D), 18.18% Myocardial Infarction, 12.12% I.H.D with Left ventricular failure (L.V.F). In Pittaja Hridroga, 27.27% of the cases showed Acute L.V.F and Mitral Stenosis with Rheumatic heart disease and in 9.09% cases Acute myocardial infarction (A.M.I), M.V.P, Mitral stenosis (M.S) with I.H.D with Right bundle branch block (R.B.B.B), Infective Endocarditis and Pericardial Effusion respectively. Kaphaja Hridroga cases studied showed presence of Cardiomyopathy (L.V.H) in 83.33% and 16.16% of cases with Acute L.V.F. Conclusions: Results of the Preliminary study did show the resemblance of Samanya Lakshana of Hridroga in various types of Heart diseases.

Keywords: Cardiac Diseases, Hridroga, General Symptoms, Samanya Lakshana


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