Pages: 56-61DOI: 10.21276/jrtm.2016/106

Clinical Evaluation of Dashmularishta (Ayurvedic formulation) in Restoring Normal Health of Postpartum Females

Author: Manjari Dwivedi, J.L.N Sastry*, Rajiv K Rai, Sasibhushan Vedula

Category: Clinical Research

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Background: Postpartum is a critical period of life in regards to the health of the mother and the newborn. Postpartum mothers experience certain physical health issues that may affect their quality of life, future health, and health of their children. Aim: Current clinical study was conducted with an objective to assess the efficacy of Dashmularishta in restoring normal health of postpartum females for early resumption of daily activities and improvement in the quality of life following delivery. Materials & Methods: Open labeled randomized comparative prospective study conducted in 100 postpartum females having normal deliveries. They were advised either Dashmularishta (Mfd: Dabur India Limited) at the doses of 30 ml twice daily with equal amount of water after meals (48 subjects) or the conventional therapy as per the common protocol followed in the hospital during the puerperal period (52 subjects). The patients were admitted in hospital for 7 days and then a followed up after discharge for 8 weeks over 4 visits. Results: Assessed on the basis of improvement in general health, postpartum reduction in weight, the size of uterus and the abdominal girth, the improvement in tone of abdominal and vaginal muscles, character of lochia discharge and contour of cervix. Dashmularishta and conventional therapy showed improvement in all the parameters assessed when compared from baseline. The difference between the effects of therapies was not significant. No serious adverse event /adverse drug reaction were reported during the study period in both the groups. Conclusion: The effect of Dashmularishta in improving the health condition and quality of life in postpartum females which would lead to early resumption of daily activities was at par with conventional therapy followed without any adverse effect.

Keywords: Conventional Therapy, Dashmularishta, Postpartum Health, Quality of Life


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