Article Retraction & Correction Policy:

The authors are free to retract the manuscript at the stage of review process before publication by communicating with editor through a suitable means. However once the article is published it requires a detailed justification for retracting the article and signature of all the co-authors in the application to do so.

Plagiarised or article with conflict of interest will be rejected in the review process itself. However, after the publication, the editorial board reserves the right to automatically withdraw the article if any misconduct is found by the authors which violates the journal norms and the publication is seriously flawed and misleading (or is redundant or plagiarised).

Corrections in articles post-publication is accepted by both ends of editorial board and authors. Editorial board is in the right of corrections subjected to the opinions and comments received from the reader's end or in view of technical corrections. Authors can request for corrections with due justifications (These corrections are however chargeable). Change in authorship or affiliation is not accepted post publication, hence conflict of interest should be carefully declared by the authors.  

Expressions of Concern:

Concerns can be addressed to a prompt and quick response will be provided by one of our editorial board members. If no response is heard within 3 working days, the concers can be forwarded to the Editor / Publisher of the journal at or